Volunteer of the Year Recipients

2020 Volunteer of the Year is John Hubbs.

John Hubbs has worked tirelessly on making Krimgold Park the best park it can be beginning with the Master Gardner’s and then creating Friends of Krimgold Park.  Any day you can find him at the Park checking the pathways, flower beds, shrubs, and ponds to make sure they are free of weeds and debris.

He spearheaded setting up native plant gardens, worked with the beaver population control to protect the ponds, provided fliers for park visitors and organized Weed Warriors.

In addition, he has helped organize the repair work for the stone walkway foot bridge, trash barrel replacement and putting path distance markers on the trail at the park.

He started the Full Moon Fishing Derby and volunteers with the annual Fishing Rodeo which are both held at the park.  He has worked with the council handing out fliers, blowing up balloons and manning the booth at National Night Out.

In 2018 Friends of Krimgold Park received the Maryland Plant Community Award Program’s Bronze Award in recognition of their enthusiasm and hard work in planting and caring for trees in the local Urban and Community Forests under John’s leadership.

It is truly an honor and privilege for us to name John Hubbs as the Freedom Area Rec Council volunteer of the year.

Previous years award recipients

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2020 – John Hubbs

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County Hall of Fame Honorees

2017 - Susan Chaney

2021 - Steve Delman

2021 - Ken Whalen