Friends of Krimgold Park

Join Friends of Krimgold Park – a New Program for Adults
Dedicated to making our neighborhood Park an enjoyable place to exercise, fish, play, and relax – learn, have fun, and support the local environment.   Kids are welcome, too.
Our activities include:
-Working with Forestry Board Weed Warriors to remove invasive plants.
-Planting and maintaining native species below the pavilion.
-Supporting better fishing by managing fresh water flows through the four ponds.

-Encouraging visitors to keep our Park clear of trash and pet waste.

For more information contact Program Chairman, John Hubbs at:

Many Hands Make Quick Work

Please join the monthly Krimgold Cleanup Crew.  A big thank you to Ebenezer United Methodist parishioners who have provide many helping hands to keep Krimgold Park litter free.  At noon on the second Sunday of each spring, summer and fall month an energetic group meet at the Krimgold parking lot.  There we distribute work supplies and walk the trails and pathways while collecting litter. Please join us starting April 8th as we will again meet at the front parking lot.  Bring a friend, your walking shoes, work gloves, trash bag or get some supplies from Chuck. Shortly after noon we split up and walk the many pathways collecting litter.  After about an hour we return to bag everything into the normal park trash collection.  Join us for the next afternoon of Krimgold Cleanup Crew!
Please contact Chuck Wisner at for more information about helping them.