Real Problems to Solve, Real Technology to Apply. PIE3's  robotics programs are less about kids building robots than robots Building kids. Our programs for grades K-12 build creativity, develop                 entrepreneurial skills,  encourage ingenuity and allow kids to take on challenges.                 
  Each level is described below, and also at:
See for local events and team information.
You can find out more and sign up to join at team where all the kids can play in college and the 'pros' in robotics, STEM, arts, and business (to name just a few) at the PIE3 website ( or by contacting the director listed below. Winter is a great time to come see the competitions and find out more about joining in the fall. There are local events for all levels. Like PIE3 and FRC Team 2199 (the Robo-Lions) on Face- book to get updates on these and other events.

January 19th, 2019 FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League, Jr at Elmer Wolfe Elementary School in Union Bridge (10 am - 4 pm). See a dozen of our local teams; hosted by the Robo-Lions

February 17th, 2019 FIRST TECH Challenge at Oakland Mills High School In Columbia (9 am - 5 pm). See the Gear Freaks and South Carroll FTC Teams in action.

March 16-17, 2019

FIRST Robotics Competi- tion at McDonogh School in Owings Mills (9 am - 5 pm both days). See the Robo-Lions with their 'big robot'

High School

Students in grades 9-12 attending any school in the area may participate in FIRST Robotics Compe- tition (FRC), a competitive sport for the mind which demands the highest level of creativity, initiative and risk-taking. There is also an option for 7-12th grade that gives a wide range of students the challenge of designing a compact robot for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). There are many different jobs on either FTC or FRC teams, from mechanical building to programming to videography to marketing. Meet- ings are at least once per week in the fall, and more often in winter. Fee for provisional membership is

E l e m e n t a r y / M i d d l e School

FIRST Lego League (FLL) kicks off in August, and it is the fastest-growing competitive robotics for 4th-8th grade.       
JrFLL is open all year long for younger kids, and can in- volve anywhere from 6-12 weeks of activities.                    
High school teams, in affiliation with FARC and PIE3, will run our popular summer sessions and we’ve added more in response to the demand.                       
These sessions give an introduction to the programs and other topics.                     
Look for signups in the  spring.                  
Fees range from $25-$50  to join. New teams typically form, and are based on the willingness of volunteers, usually team parents, to coach and  guide    the teams. PIE3 provides help with materials, training and registration.