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Portfolio Elements
For ages 11 and up. Traditional drawing is emphasized as a basis for all work, even comic book, fantasy or anime. It requires a lot of rendering from direct observation; a more difficult task and therefore a big requirement of most high school and college level portfolios. Self-portraits, figure drawings, object studies and still life drawings are commonly requested.  Projects covered will include CCPS high school portfolio requirements for those on the ARTS track upon entering High School.  This class is open to students of all levels; portfolio planning is optional. 
Instructor: John Kachik When: Starts Jan. 22, Mon., 5 – 6:30PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $99 for 6 classes

Mixed Media Explosion
For ages 6 – 10. Mixed media is a course for students to explore of variety of mediums through collage, drawing, painting, assemblage, cutting and pasting. We will communicate in visual and design terms as well as learn to interpret different kinds of lines, shapes, colors, and proportions. This is a fun class for children who have a love for art and enjoy expressing their creativity. Instructor: Kim Fondiller, When: Starts Jan. 23
Tues, 5 – 6:30PM
Where: Century High Cost: $85 for 6 classes

Guided Artistic Directions in the Studio
For adults and advanced students ages 15 and up. Students will develop their personal artistic direction and create a series of works using drawing, painting, or mixed media techniques. Instructor John Kachik will customize, design, and provide demonstrations and direction to meet class needs and interests. Individual and group critiques and discussions will help students develop their work to more professional. Open to all levels. Bring the materials that support your medium of choice.

Instructor: John Kachik  When: Starts Jan. 24 and April 11
Wed., 6 – 8:30PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $140 for 6 classes

Intro to Peep Art/Junk Sculpture
For ages 10 - adult.  Every year the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster hosts the PEEPshow, which is a display of marshmallow covered dioramas, graphic arts, oversized characters and mosaics created and inspired by Peeps®, attracting thousands of visitors each year!  Registration for 2018 starts Feb. 1. If you are interested in a 3-part workshop to help you get started early this year, this is for you!  Some materials will be provided.
Part 1 – Designing, and planning materials.
Part 2 – Building the armature.
Part 3 – How to peep your peeps.
The instructor Vivian Davis was the 10th anniversary winner in 2017 with her 8 ½ foot peep covered Dragon.
Instructor: Vivian Davis
When: Starts Jan. 25 Thurs., 6 – 8PM
Where: Century High  Cost: $60 for 3 classes.
Oil Painting - Beginner to Intermediate
For adults and ages 15 and up. Learn basic skills and techniques for traditional oil painting. This class will work on composition, color mixing, using different mediums, glazing and blending, painting from photos, and learn about different materials. Painting is rewarding and fun when you learn the techniques and how to methods.
Materials are not included. Please email for a suggested materials list prior to class.
Instructor: Molly Sims When: Starts March 1
Thurs., 6 – 8:30PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $99 for 6 classes.

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Any questions, please contact Vivian Davis at:

Play on Theatre
For ages 10 and up.  This program will provide the foundations for a fun and exciting theatre presentation. For our 2nd installment, the young actors will perform in “The Great American Talent Show”. From renowned playwright Joseph Robinette, here’s a great parody of American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and all TV talent shows.  It’s the final night of the yearlong TV talent show to end all talent shows.  Our finalists anxiously await their final shot at fame and fortune.  Three self-important judges — including the token brutally honest Brit character — cajole or praise each contestant in hilarious ways.  Who will win the tournament of champions?  
This class will stretch students and delight even those who are a bit shy. Roles will be assigned after the first class. 
Instructor: Vivian Davis When: Starts March 7
Wed., 6 – 7:30PM 
Where: South Carroll Senior and Community Center. Cost: $99 for 8 classes and a Saturday show. (Show day is tentatively scheduled for April 28, 10AM – 1:30PM rehearsals, lunch and 2PM show.)
Comics Unleashed
For ages 8 – 10.  Explore comic book design in this exciting class. Create a mini comic from start to finish. Learn basic drawing techniques, character design, page composition, layout, penciling, inking and lettering. Explore a variety of genres of comics including superhero, Manga, Indie and graphic novels. At the end of the class, the finished comics will be posted online.  

Instructor: Jesse Burr When: Starts March 20
Tues., 5 – 6:30PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $80 for 6 classes.

Competitive Multiple Media
For ages 10 -17. Students will learn to illustrate in a variety of mediums. Creative projects will be interspersed with technique study to develop many areas of expression.  All students will be competing in 2 additional 2-hour sessions to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned in the program. 
Students will compete in the Regional Competition on Sat., May 19 (tentatively) 10AM-2PM. Location TBD. All material are included.

Instructor: John Kachik
Competition Mediator: Vivian Davis
When: Starts April 9
Mon. 5-6:30PM and
Wed. or Thurs. 5-7PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $99 for 7 classes & up to 4 competitions.

Introduction to Zentangle®
For adults and ages 12 and up. This introduction to the Zentangle® Method is an easy to learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. The process of creating a Zentangle® is a form of artistic meditation as one becomes completely engrossed in making each pattern, deliberately focusing on every stroke. It increases focus, promotes mindfulness and provides artistic satisfaction. The creativity options and pattern combinations are endless. In this hands on class, we will explore tangle patterns and shading, creating high quality take home pieces. No prior artistic experience is necessary. Even those who believe they cannot draw, can learn to Zentangle® and can create stunning original art! Materials are included.
Instructor: Jaqui MacMillan, CZT  (Certified Zentangle Teacher)
When: Thurs. April 12
5:30PM – 8:30PM
Where: Century High
Cost: $40 for a 3 hour session