Freedom Arts Winter Spring Programs

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Realistic Oil Painting II For adults and ages 15 and up. Beginner to Advanced All levels welcome! Begin- ners, learn the basics of oil painting (how to start a painting, techniques, com- position, measuring, val- ues, and working from photos.) Intermediate painters, review color mix- ing, value studies, tech- niques, composition and choosing subject matter. Advanced painters, receive individualized instruction based on ability. Painting is rewarding and fun when you learn the techniques and how to methods.

*Materials    are    not    in- cluded. Please email:
for a suggested materials list prior to class.

Instructor:    Molly     Sims, When: Thurs., 6 – 8:30PM Session 1 starts Jan. 10
Session 2 starts April 4 Where: Century High
Cost: $135 for 7 - 8 classes. Snow dates have been added.

Workshop: Intro to Acrylic Painting

For ages 12 - adult. This workshop is designed for beginners with a desire to learn how to paint in acrylics and covers some of the key things you need to know like suggested paints and medi- ums, canvases, brushes, easels and how to care for your materials. Small class project will be com- pleted. All materials are provided.

Instructor: Vivian Davis
When: Wed., 6 – 8:30PM
Starts Jan. 23
Where: Century High
 Cost: $40 for one session Snow date: Jan. 30

Portfolio Elements

For ages 11 and up. Traditional drawing is emphasized as a basis for all work, even comic book, fantasy or anime. It requires a lot of rendering from direct observation; a more difficult task and therefore a big requirement of most high school and college level portfolios. Self-portraits, figure drawings, object studies and still life drawings are commonly requested. Projects covered will include CCPS high school portfolio requirements for those on the ARTS track upon entering High School. This class is open to students of all levels; portfolio planning is optional.

Instructor:   John   Kachik
When: Mon., 5 – 6:30PM
Starts Jan. 28 Where: Century High
Cost: $99 for 6 classes

Fun Fantasy Art

For ages 6 – 10. Students will create fun illustrations using realistic creatures mixed with fantasy. The class will be working from photo references and their own imagination. Students will also be taught basic drawing techniques to im- prove their skills. We will be using pencil, colored pencil, crayons, marker and watercolor pencil.

Instructor:     Molly Sims 
When: Tues., 5 – 6:30PM 
Starts Jan. 29
Where: Century High 
Cost: $85 for 6 classes

Creating     Storybook Characters 
For ages 6 10.             Each student will create their own storybook characters using their imagination. Creativity is encouraged to determine what the character will be doing, and then they will learn how to put that character into a setting to help tell a story. Basic drawing techniques and skills will be included to build a strong foundation.

Instructor: Molly Sims 
When: Tues, 5 – 6:30PM 
Starts April 2
Where: Century High 
Cost: $85 for 6 classes

The Freedom Youth Competitive Art League The Carroll Youth Competi- tive Art League (CYCAL) began its inaugural pro- gram on November 11, 2015 with volunteer directors Jenifer Patterson and Carlos Felicia (of New Windsor) and sponsored by the West Carroll Recreation Council.

These parent volunteers saw a need in the community for a creative experience outside of traditional art lessons or contests. Jenifer said, “A safe and fun atmosphere where kids can come together, learn art techniques and share their ideas about art was missing in our community.

The additional opportunity for them to learn the valu- able life skills of time management, competition and group problem solving in a setting outside of sports was also hard to find.

Our FARC program, Competitive Multiple Media, will be  an  8-  week  session   ( Mondays and some Wednesdays) featuring a variety of mediums, and 3 additional days for our local competitions which are 2-hour sessions including guest artists serving as judges.

Competitive Multiple Media For ages 10 – 17. Students will learn to illustrate in a variety of mediums. Creative projects will be interspersed with technique study to develop many areas of expression. All students will be competing in 2 additional 2- hour sessions (challenges) to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned in the pro- gram. Students will compete in the Regional Competition on Sat., May 18, 10AM – 2PM, location TBD. All materials are included.

Competition    Mediator: Vivian Davis
Instructor:    John    Kachik When: Mon. 5 – 6:30PM & Wed. (or Thurs.) 5 – 7PM Starts April 8
Where: Century High
Cost: $99 for 7 classes & up to 4 competitions
Where: Century High Cost: $85 for 6 classes